Yiwu time

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Yiwu time

Yiwu time is rather different when compared with the world country, there has many different countries in the world and the world time is different one country from another. Since the earth is round and the time zone between two countries are very different.

However, Yiwu time is the same with Beijing time. As a rule that in China, it is usually treat Beijing time as China time. Whenever you are in China, you should just treat Beijing time as the local time.

In China, Beijing time is the time for us to recognize the time and whatever the students go to school or the workers go to work, they always use Beijing Time time. Beijing adopts the GMT+8 Time Zone for China time.

What’s more, the map of China, it is very clear that Zhejiang Province, and Beijing city almost in the same east longitude, so there is no wonder that Yiwu time is the same as Beijing time.

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Yiwu time

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