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Yiwu scarves

Scarves industry is one of the rising industries in recent years, in Yiwu. Yiwu market growth and development led to the expansion of the field of apparel textile industry, clothing industry, market division of labor is getting smaller. Currently, Yiwu scarves industry is still in scattered state, has not yet appeared industry leader. Small scarves […]

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Yiwu market berets

Now is the end of november, Yiwu weather will be more cold in next month, so people are busying purchesing scarves,cotton-padded clothes,shoes,Yesterday I went to yiwu night market, it is so flourish,one of the hot business is yiwu beret. The original Beret was either navy blue or red, but today the beret is available in […]

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Yiwu mini USB fan favorite in young family

With the temperature constant rise of yiwu weather,some cooling commodity are popular now in futian market. Today, fans of the style has become increasingly diverse, in addition to the traditional home fans, in order to meet the young family of small, mini supplies demand, businesses continue to introduce various styles of mini USB fan. Reporters […]

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