yiwu market

Yiwu scarf

Yiwu scarf Yiwu scarf is not belongs decorations market, it is individual, there are a Yiwu Scarves & Shawls Market in Yiwu market, it is located in 4th Floor,International Trade City,District 4. Scarf is a decoration which can match in all year, four seasons. So in Yiwu, the scarf industry has a big market, especially […]

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Yiwu toys

Yiwu toys Yiwu toy market has various toys, and sells around the world. For example: in Yiwu International Trade City, a special Barbie doll not only has a set of stylish clothing, but jewelry accompanied. Such as boots, handbags, necklaces, combs, hair dryers, etc., some gift packaging with the clothing of all kinds of occasions. […]

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Yiwu kitchenware

Yiwu kitchenware Yiwu kitchenware is located on 3rd Floor, District 2 of International Trade City. 300 shops are doing kitchenware business, I can’t describe one item details for you, because Yiwu kitchenware market is so big, the goods is much more, so I just can led numbers for you. The category of Yiwu kitchenware mainly divide into […]

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Yiwu gift fair

Yiwu gift fair Every year Yiwu will hold more than 30 trades fair, the Yiwu gift fair is hold between 10th mar, and 12th mar. In Yiwu, the gift is selling in Yiwu art and craft market, you can find on 3rd Floor, District 1 of International Trade City. And in Yiwu china international trade […]

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Yiwu cosmetics

Yiwu cosmetics Are there cosmetics in Yiwu? The quality of Yiwu Cosmetic is good or not? Yiwu market is world biggest market; it is famous by its cheap price and good quality, you could rest assured the product in Yiwu cosmetic market. Here I list some products in Yiwu cosmetic market: make up Sets, Facial […]

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Jobs in Yiwu China

Jobs in Yiwu China In Yiwu China, the most popular companies is international trading company or import export company, just because Yiwu have a big international market, the Yiwu China international trade city. So the job nature is tending to doing business. Hunting job in Yiwu China is easy, the most Yiwu employer do not […]

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Flight from Guangzhou to Yiwu

For a newer who wants to come to Yiwu, they must arrange their journey route, like find flight from Guangzhou to Yiwu, here I providing you some flights from Guangzhou to Yiwu information. Flights from Guangzhou to Yiwu is just need two hours, every day there are five flights from Guangzhou to Yiwu: The first […]

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Yiwu lawyers

Yiwu lawyers Are you worry occur business dispute in Yiwu? Did you need Yiwu lawyers? Yiwu is a market city; here the most people are businessman, while doing business with different country people, you can’t help avoiding appear dispute, so the lawyers in Yiwu are necessary. And Yiwu also have 17 law firms. If you […]

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Shanghai to Yiwu train schedule

Shanghai to Yiwu train schedule Every day the train from Shanghai to Yiwu is so many, here I list some train schedule from zero clock to six o’clock for you. Just like the following schedule, there is a train in half an hour from Shanghai to Yiwu. The train starts from Shanghai at 00:53, arrive […]

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China Yiwu market

China Yiwu market Yiwu market is the largest wholesale market in China, and Yiwu market also is the earliest market in China. Yiwu is the” springboard” of China brand commodity goes to the overseas market, and the highlands” of foreign brand products goes into China market. Yiwu market ranks on top of china industrial goods wholesale […]

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