China Yiwu market

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China Yiwu market
Yiwu market is the largest wholesale market in China, and Yiwu market also is the earliest market in China.
Yiwu is the” springboard” of China brand commodity goes to the overseas market, and the highlands” of foreign brand products goes into China market.
Yiwu market ranks on top of china industrial goods wholesale market, honorary titles” heavy quality, keeping reputation “are awarded by the state quality inspection administration. It is the circulation, research and development, exhibition centre of international small commodity, and Yiwu market is the China’s largest small commodity export base.
Yiwu market experience four times move, eight times expansion in 20 years, The business area of Yiwu China commodity wholesale market now has over 260 square meters, 50000 booths, more than 200000 employees, more than 20 million passenger per day, in 2005, Yiwu market total turnover was 28.8 billion RMB, including foreign trade export from China take up 60%.
Yiwu market now consists of Yiwu China international trade city which divide five districts, and huangyuan clothing market.

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