Yiwu toys
Yiwu toys
Yiwu toy market has various toys, and sells around the world. For example: in Yiwu International Trade City, a special Barbie doll not only has a set of stylish clothing, but jewelry accompanied. Such as boots, handbags, necklaces, combs, hair dryers, etc., some gift packaging with the clothing of all kinds of occasions. According to Yiwu International Trade City, a Barbie doll vendors who sell Barbie dolls in 5 -6 years said that mainly exported to America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places, the majority of Middle Eastern businessmen.
So when you want find some charming toys, welcome to 1st Floor, District 1 of International Trade City. Yiwu market has over 6,000 stalls for electric toys, inflation toys, plush toys, RC Toys etc.
Any other small commodity that you want purchasing, welcome you come to Yiwu; it is worth for you to visit Yiwu toy market.

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