Yiwu cosmetics

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Yiwu cosmetics
Are there cosmetics in Yiwu? The quality of Yiwu Cosmetic is good or not?
Yiwu market is world biggest market; it is famous by its cheap price and good quality, you could rest assured the product in Yiwu cosmetic market.
Here I list some products in Yiwu cosmetic market: make up Sets, Facial Brush, Plastic Mirror, Cosmetic Bags & Cases, Eye Shadow, Makeup Mirror, Contact Lenses, Eyeliner, Mineral Makeup, Blush, Cosmetic Mirrors, Lipstick, Mineral Foundation, Mascara, Pencil Bags, Display Racks, Makeup Brushes, Face Makeup, Other Women’s Underwear, Carving Crafts.
Yiwu cosmetics are sold on 3rd Floor, International Trade City District 3. Opening hours: 09:00-17:00. If you want to doing Cosmetics wholesale, you could find the bus line on the net.
No matter you’re looking for perfumes, lipsticks, nail oils, body lotions, Yiwu market would be of your best destinations in China; if you’re looking for facial brushes, powder puffs, and eyelash curlers from china, you will definitely have to come to Yiwu cosmetic market.
Welcome to Yiwu to buy cosmetics!

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