Yiwu Market Agent

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Yiwu Market Agent

Yiwu market agent now has become quite common in Yiwu commodity city. As the commodity market developed, a lot of market agents emerge as the times require.

Yiwu market agent vary in some different patterns, including purchasing agent, sourcing agent, shipping agent and so on. The former two are similar; they both sell products on behalf of the manufacturers and many these agents also have the characters of dealers. Shipping agents are those who involve in transporting goods to foreign countries. They may book space for foreign trade companies or provide some other relative services.

Yiwu market agent mainly means the purchasing agent or sourcing agent. Now the import and export corporations are the most common form of market agent. Here I want to introduce one of the largest agents named Yiwu Amanda Import & Export Corporation. It was set up in 2008, while now the scale has been enlarged for many times. The businesses of this company involve in many different lines. It sells products including daily commodities, shoes, clothes, toys, art wares, jewelries, etc. The clients are distributed in more than 100 countries from north-America, north-Europe, west-Europe, east-Europe, middle-East, central and South America and Africa, almost all over the world. Amanda enjoys quite high reputation among its business clients and it is being developed and enlarged in a rapid speed.

Yiwu market agents are large in number. They are growing in a healthy, well-regulated wholesale market environment. We all believe that these market agents will surely become more and more normalized and mature in near future.

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