Yiwu commodity city

Since Yiwu city is famous for its small commodities products, it is also called Yiwu commodity city. Every day, there are many businessmen come to Yiwu city and they buy the wholesale products over there. 

Yiwu commodity city set up in 1982. Through the leaders’ instruction, Yiwu commodity city has changed a lot. It is doing better and they are providing a nice and tidy environment. And nowadays, Yiwu has formed focused on its small commodities products.  

Yiwu commodity city has also been honored the world largest wholesale small commodities market in the world. And every year the small commodities products would export to others countries and they are all the best-selling. 

Nowadays, Yiwu commodity city has many branch markets in some other cities. Like Shanghai, Xiangdong, Yibin and others. It is even have some branch markets overseas. However, in Yiwu commodity city, there you can find all the items of your products. It is equipped with more products you want. 

All kinds of Yiwu commodities city products are showing there. Like ornaments, jewelry, toys and so many others. If you would like to know more information, please feel free to contact us.

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