Designer toys

Designer toys

Now you can see in TV or from the internet, you can see a lot of cute dolls, all of them are in special shapes, and some of them are like a vivid animal, just as we know that Andy Liu has two cow baby sons, they look like human. They are so vivid that we almost regard them as we human. We call these toys as designer toys. This kind of toys becomes more and more popular in the world now.

Designer toys are a term used to describe toys and other collectibles that are produced in limited editions (as few as 10 or as many as 2000 pieces) and created by artists and designers. Designer toys are made of variety of materials; ABS plastic and vinyl are most common, although wood, metal, and resin are occasionally used. The term also encompasses plush, cloth and latex dolls. Creators of designer toys usually have backgrounds in graphic design, illustration or self-described low brow art; some are classically trained in art and design, while others are self-taught. Designer toys are first appeared in the 1990s and are still in production today.

Just as you can see in the second picture, two lovely toys, they are two sculpts of dogs. They are one of a typical example of designer toys of Qee series. The standard size of Qee figures is 2" high, usually Qees vary in their design, usually with the same basic body type, but with head sculpts that may be of a bear, a cat, a dog, a monkey, or a rabbit. Most of the designs are popular; all the children are like them. And from my point of view, they will be popular and be loved for people forever.

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