It is reported that the first three quarters of this year, Yiwu GDP reached 51.19 billion yuan, up10.6%; budget revenue is 6.93 billion yuan, up 19.9%, on the end of August foreign currency deposits in financial institutions is reached 175.1 billion yuan. According to incomplete statistics, More than80% contribution of Yiwu Private economic to the development of yiwu.

Commodity markets, the private economy is the advantages of Yiwu, It is the twin engines to yiwu economic and social development. For three decades, Yiwu private economy from small to large, from weak to strong, now contributed more than 70% of revenue to Yiwu, more than 80% of GDP, and more than 90% of exports.
Since reform and opening , Yiwu private economy started from a feather-sugar, traveling salesman, street to street, to create todays’s the world commodity trade center, Yiwu merchants with their strong confidence, persistent perseverance, drawing up an hard and brilliant path.