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What is the time in Yiwu china?

  What is the time in Yiwu china? The time of Yiwu China is Beijing Time (GMT +8). If you want to check in Yiwu hotel, you will see three formats of time in the hotel lobby, it is respectively the Beijing time, London time, Tokyo time, New York time, and Sydney time. The following […]

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Yiwu Tina Craft Packaging Company

  Yiwu Tina Craft Packaging Company Yiwu Tina Craft Packaging Company established in 1995, located in the Economic Development Zone in Yiwu City of Zhejiang Province, covering an area of over 15 acres. Yiwu Tina Craft Packaging Company considers customers, demand as management guidance. For less than ten years, our company has engaged in processing […]

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Wholesale products

  Wholesale products Yiwu is a business city; if there will ten people in the street which seven of them are businessman., it is proved the Yiwu city really have a lot of wholesale products. In Yiwu market, all sorts of wholesale products for you to choose from! I will give you some simples, like: […]

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Yiwu leather supplier

  Yiwu leather supplier Yiwu has built up more than 20 famous wholesale markets which spread all over the Yiwu city, since 1982, the first market was founded, Yiwu leather supplier is one of the small commodity in Yiwu china international trade city. Not only are the shops in Yiwu market, there many factories in […]

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Yiwu travel guide

Yiwu travel guide In the middle part of Zhejiang Province, there is a rapidly rising trade city, Yiwu. It also comes under Jinhua City. With an area of about 1105 square kilometers, Yiwu includes 7 street committees named Choucheng, Choujiang, Beiyuan, Jiangdong, Houzhai, 23 Li and Chengxi, and 6 towns which are Dachen, Suxi, Shangxi, […]

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Yiwu Angel Trading Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Angel Trading Co., Ltd. Yiwu Angel Trading Co., Ltd. is a large wholesale factory for Unique Fashion Jewelry including Vnistar European Beads, Links Charms, Clip On Charms, Fashion Necklaces, Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings, Hair Accessories, etc. Yiwu Angel Trading Co., Ltd.supplies over 10,000 products with high quality at very low wholesale prices to customers who […]

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Futian yiwu bazaar

  Futian yiwu bazaar futian yiwu bazaar is a modern wholesale market. It was divided into A、B、C、D、E、F、G、H areas. A、B、C、D、E are the first area, F、G、H are the second area. The third area includes five parts. 15 years ago, there is no futian yiwu bazaar in Yiwu; this place is called Futian Village (Futian Cun). There are […]

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Hotels near Yiwu market

  Hotels near Yiwu market The Yiwu market is the largest consumer goods market in Asia area. Now most overseas Chinese businessman and more than 3000 foreign traders purchase goods every day from Yiwu market and sell (transport) to Mid-East, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America. And many traders from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, […]

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Wholesale Market Shenzhen Electronic

Wholesale Market Shenzhen Electronic Wholesale Market Shenzhen Electronic is Huaqiangbei electronics center in Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, and China. Wholesale Market Shenzhen Electronic is the biggest electronics market not only in China, but also in Asia. Wholesale Market Shenzhen Electronic is one of the busiest business circles areas in Shenzhen. In wholesale Market Shenzhen […]

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Best Chinese wholesalers

Best Chinese wholesalers Maybe you want to do business in China, or you want to try some different items for your business lines. So I strongly recommend you come to China Wholesale Market Place.  It is always a fact that if you want to wholesale large quantity of different kinds of products, you should always find […]

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