Yiwu travel guide

Yiwu travel guide

In the middle part of Zhejiang Province, there is a rapidly rising trade city, Yiwu. It also comes under Jinhua City. With an area of about 1105 square kilometers, Yiwu includes 7 street committees named Choucheng, Choujiang, Beiyuan, Jiangdong, Houzhai, 23 Li and Chengxi, and 6 towns which are Dachen, Suxi, Shangxi, Yiting, Fotang and Chi’an.

The climate inYiwu is mild and humid subtropical monsoon. Four seasons are very distinctive with a yearly average temperature of about 17 degree Centigrade. July has the highest average temperature of 29.3 degree Centigrade and January has the lowest average temperature of 4.2 degree Centigrade. Yiwu enjoys 243 frost- free days a year and it gets an average rainfall between 1100 – 1600mm annually. Yiwu has a long history. 

Many people come to Yiwu travel; they will travel to yiwu china international trade city for visiting and purchasing some souvenir, like Yiwu travel mugYiwu travel case.

In general, the travelers first flying to China Beijing, and then taking trains or flying from Beijing to yiwu.

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