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Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market

Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market (also known as Yiwu China Commodity City) is located in the middle of Zhejiang Yiwu City. Founded in 1982, it is one of the earliest professional markets in our country. Over 20 years, through four times move and eight times expansion, Yiwu Small Commodities Wholesale Market now has more than […]

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Yiwu Fair–Yiwu International Commodities Fair

China Yiwu International Commodities Fair (Yiwu Fair) which aimed at facing the world, serving the whole country. It is an international daily consumer Goods Fair which is approved by The State Council and jointly organized by by the Ministry of Commerce, Zhejiang Province People’s Government and other departments. Since the beginning of 1995 Yiwu Fair […]

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Yiwu foreign company sector exceeded 3000

Yiwu foreign company sector exceeded 3000 According to Yiwu goverment statistics, there are currently more than 13,000 permanent Yiwu foreign company departments. By of the end of 2010, the number of resident offices of Yiwu foreign company has reached 3008, which ranked the first in all counties of China. Yiwu has a well-known commodity market, […]

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2011 Underwear Industry Trends Published in Yiwu

What will China’s underwear industry trends be like in 2011? What types of underwear will consumers tend to ? On January 18th, China Underwear Committee  issued underwear industry trend of 2011. Peng Guifu, the Executive vice president of China Textile Business Association and China underwear Committee President, said that as the most dynamic sector of […]

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2011 Yiwu Exhibition Schedule

2011 Yiwu Exhibition Schedule is in the following,such as Yiwu Fair,Yiwu Forest Fair,Yiwu Cultural Fair,Yiwu Consumer Goods Fair,Yiwu Tourism Commodities Fair,Yiwu Hardware Electrical Appliancesetc. Jan.14-25:  2011 Spring Festival Yiwu Goods Trade Fair Sponsor: Linhai Zhongchuang Shidian Exhibition Co., LTD     +86-576-85288489 Co-organizer: Yiwu Business Newspaper Yiwu Radio and Television Station Mid-Zhejiang New Newspaper Feb.15:  2011 Spring […]

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Yiwu International Exhibition Center

Exhibition Center is in the north of Jiangdong Road, east of Zongze Road and adjacent to Yiwu Meihu Conference & Exhibition Center. It lies along Yiwu Rive Yiwu International Exhibition Center Located in Yiwu City Cultural Center district, Yiwu International r in the north, near the Nanhuan Fast Track, Yiwu International Trade City and planned […]

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China Yiwu Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation Equipment Exhibition

China Yiwu Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation Equipment Exhibition Time: May 7-9, 2011 Place: China·Yiwu Meihu Exhibition Center Sponsor: Zhejiang Refrigeration Institute                       Yiwu City Economic Development Board Supervision Unit: Yiwu City People’s Government Exhibition Management Office Exhibition Contents: Air conditioning: Refrigeration Series Host: absorption machine, ice storage style units, condensing units; refrigeration and air […]

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Yiwu Railway Station Opened 11 Extra Temporary Trains

Yiwu Railway Station Opened 11 Extra Temporary Trains On 1st Day Transport During Spring Festival Since the first day transport during Spring Festival, Yiwu Railway Station has opened 11 extra temporary trains. The 40-day Spring Festival Transport season officially opened the curtain from yesterday. Amanda reporter learned from Yiwu railway station that this week, the […]

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Yiwu Hardware Foreign Trade Prepare For Peak Season

Foreign Businessmen ” Grab Goods” Before Spring Festival, Yiwu Hardware Foreign Trade Prepare For Peak Season Chinese New Year approaching, the sales of various small commodities in Yiwu market come to a close. Many business dealers in Yiwu market who have a rare free time play the “late coming and early leaving” game to avoid […]

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2011 spring popular hot spot of Yiwu Necklace

2011 spring popular hot spot of Yiwu Necklace Speaking of fashion accessories of 2011 spring, the most low-key accessory is necklace. In 2011 Yiwu jewelry wholesale trade zone, from popular elements of the plus size of long necklace, wide necklace and etc. you can see the clue of this spring necklace fashion trends. With exaggerated […]

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