Yiwu Railway Station Opened 11 Extra Temporary Trains

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Yiwu Railway Station Opened 11 Extra Temporary Trains On 1st Day Transport During Spring Festival

Since the first day transport during Spring Festival, Yiwu Railway Station has opened 11 extra temporary trains. The 40-day Spring Festival Transport season officially opened the curtain from yesterday. Amanda reporter learned from Yiwu railway station that this week, the daily traffic of Yiwu Railway Station has risen to 20,000. The pre-holiday transport peak is coming.

Crowd in Yiwu Railway Station

Crowd in Yiwu Railway Station

With reference to the operation interval, these temporary trains mainly go to popular destinations such as Jiangxi, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guiyang and so on, which can greatly alleviate the current pressure on passenger transport. From January 13, L199, L147, L773, L200–these four temporary trains are already at work. In addition,  L8430 Quzhou – Fuyang (21:33 reach at Yiwu Station) has been opened every two days a trip.

Among the 11 new opened lines yesterday, L199 and L773 will reserve 4 carriages for Yiwu Railway Station. L841 originally ran from Shanghai to Chongqing but now is changed to depart from Yiwu Railway Station and set aside 10 carriages which can accommodate 2,600 passengers at a time. The opening of these 3 temporary trains is undoubtedly good news to passengers going back to Guiyang and Chongqing.
With the arrival of the transport peak during Spring Festival, in order to maintain order in the waiting room, Yiwu Railway Station require passengers to enter the waiting room 2 hours in advance from today. Some important trains and trains with large population of passengers will arrange passengers to wait in the temporary sheds in front of the station and go through dedicated channel to the stop. So passengers, please wait in order.

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