Yiwu Hardware Foreign Trade Prepare For Peak Season

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Foreign Businessmen ” Grab Goods” Before Spring Festival, Yiwu Hardware Foreign Trade Prepare For Peak Season

Chinese New Year approaching, the sales of various small commodities in Yiwu market come to a close. Many business dealers in Yiwu market who have a rare free time play the “late coming and early leaving” game to avoid traffic peak. However, the Yiwu International Trade City Hardware sales area is an exception. The dealers in hardware district said that  over the past two or three months, raw material price only rise and not fall, some foreign businessmen are afraid that after the Spring Festival they may not get goods.  So they place orders one after another. A sales peak is coming to hardware district of Yiwu International Trade City.

Amanda reporter came to the second floor of hardware district, Yiwu International Trade City, and saw that almost every store there were foreign businessmen placing orders. Some dealers are so busy for preparing the last wave of foreign trade peak season of Chinese Tiger Year that they even postpone lunch time to  one or two o’clock in the afternoon.

Households in hardware district introduce that delivery basically is after the Spring Festival for orders recently placed by customers. There are two main reasons why foreign businessmen choose to crazily place orders before the festival: First, the domestic prices of raw materials did not present the signs of decline and foreign customers are unwilling to wait, so they release of orders accumulated  before; Second, after the Spring Festival factories can not employ workers immediatly so production capacity is limited, so they have to place orders before Spring Festival to at least guarantee their place in production queue.

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