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Yiwu sanitary wholesale is in the second floor of yiwu commodity trade city four distract, today I introduce several Yiwu popular terms for janitor equipment & supplies wholesale. If you have not purchased many janitorial supplies or pieces of equipment from yiwu wholesale market distributor, then you might not know some of the words that they use to describe their products. The key terms listed below should help you understand what the wholesale companies describe. Use them so that you can cho

sanitary wholessale

sanitary wholessale

ose a company that has the cleaning supplies that are useful for your maid or janitorial needs.

  1. Bonnets – Attachments designed for floor cleaners often come in one of two styles: brushes or bonnets. Bonnets look like thick pads that attach to the bottom of the machine and come into contact with the floor’s surface. Many companies make bonnets that have been specifically designed to scrub wooden or carpeted floors. Choosing the right option could make it much easier for your maids to clean houses.
  2. Brush gimbals – Housecleaning is often a tedious process that requires a lot of scrubbing in hard-to-reach places. Brush gimbals make it easier for maids and housekeepers to reach these areas. Gimbals are small pivots that allow brushes to turn in various ways. By attaching gimbals to the end of long handles, janitors often find that they can mop areas that would be otherwise impossible to reach.
  3. Floor burnisher – another name used for a floor polisher. These pieces of equipment are often designed to clean specific types of flooring surfaces such as linoleum, wood, and marble. Depending on the type of surfaces that you have in your school, office, or house, you could use them for floor maintenance in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas.

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