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Nowadays badges

When talk about badges,the first memory is a cap badge, also known as head badge or hat badge, is a badge worn on uniform headgear and distinguishes the wearer’s organisation. The wearing of cap badges is a convention commonly found among military and police forces, as well as uniformed civilian groups such as the Boy Scouts, civil […]

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We are yiwu Workwear supplier

In response to yiwu market place feedback from our customer base Key has developed our portfolio of goods and services to include clothing & workwear items. Through considerable investment in both technology and staff recruitment in this area, in a short space of time, Key has become a major workwear supplier in yiwu. Through a […]

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Glove Beloved with the Autumn season coming

The changeable weather has boomed the sales of various styles of glove in autumn. As autumn of 2011 is coming, the temperature is doing down. In the autumn of 2011, glove can not only help get rid of the coldness of autumn, but also improve your fashion taste. A glove will upgrade your fashion taste […]

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Fascinated eyes of a child stationery toys

A lot of stationery in yiwu market, such as pencils, stationery box and others have animals cartoon and othershapes, looks very stylish.and the fancy stationery priceare fell a lot contrast with previous yearsa, it is a few different from ordinary stationery: projection function pen exchang 3 yuan; shapes of cartoon pencil sharpener prices are mostly […]

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Some information about design t-shirt

How you choose the materials be necessary in order to make the T-shirt? Several raw materials are interests local climatic terms. use of the materials of wool for the cold places and other materials that are thin for the places with a warm reputation. The cotton is said for being apt to all the types […]

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Do you like sport ?

It is reported that most people showing their interest in sports during their leisure or free time, so sportwear has become a big market today. Nowadays sports apparel scenario has seen a major makeover with new fabrics being introduced that provide better fit, more comfort and are even fashionable. children sportswear usually consists of many […]

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Different skirt in Yiwu Market

Skirt style swimsuits in fashionable style keeping the latest market trends in the mind,many kinds of  Ladies’ skirt style swimsuits appear shiny and elegant in Yiwu International Trade Mart, which is also filled with vigor and charming elements. Yiwu swim suits are mainly made of nylon and spandex, and they are comfortable and soft to […]

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A method help find the right jeans of Online quizzes

Jeans, for 150 years, reigns supreme in our dressing room. His secret of youth, it comes in all forms: skirt, pants, jacket, shirt, etc… It is all colors: red, gray, purple, yellow, etc… Various effects allow him to become unique spangled fritillary. The cuts are endless: slim, flares, straight leg, boot cut, etc. Is it […]

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Leather jacket

Having a leather jacket in the wardrobe is very important, you can use on any occasion and always really good.and I think a leather jacket and a nice gift for the bride, groom, husband, wife or our children. The leather jackets are found in all countries, have passed from generation to generation and are very […]

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