Fascinated eyes of a child stationery toys

by | Sep 23, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

A lot of stationery in yiwu market, such as pencils, stationery box and others have animals cartoon and othershapes, looks very stylish.and the fancy stationery priceare fell a lot contrast with previous yearsa, it is a few different from ordinary stationery: projection function pen exchang 3 yuan; shapes of cartoon pencil sharpener prices are mostly two or three yuan; the pen with sparkling colorful just 80 cents each, cheaper than ordinary watercolor pen … … low price, so that fancy stationery eating children’s bag increasingly, parents are very worried about this.

Octopus shaped pencil sharpener how to look like toys, so more and more types of stationery into the primary school students. Pencil behind the “long” with the seal, color cartoon, “pig” is a rubber, “car” stationery with five automatic buttons. Current the phenomenon of “stationery toys” is still widespread, now it is went to the season buy stationery,educators recommend the purchase of children stationery should be more focus on product availability and environmental protection.

Hunan Normal University, Professor Cao Zhongping point that the United States and Western European countries had in-depth study subject of “stationery toys” ,the result showed that “stationery toys” make stationery set more function of a game, choosing appropriate health educational toys to the childreto meet their nature of loving fun, so that giving an effective separation between children learn and play. Looking for Fascinated eyes of a child stationery toys ? Contact us , NO.1 yiwu agent.

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