Nowadays badges

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When talk about badges,the first memory is a cap badge, also known as head badge or hat badge, is a badge worn on uniform headgear and distinguishes the wearer’s organisation. The wearing of cap badges is a convention commonly found among military and police forces, as well as uniformed civilian groups such as the Boy Scouts, civil defence organizations, paramedical units (e.g. the St. John Ambulance Brigade), customs services, fire services etc.

yiwu badges

yiwu badges

But now we have Button Badges, I t looks cool and promotes a positive message. Size 35mm plastic backed. We have heaps of different designs to choose from. Great for youth groups and schools.also Electroluminescent badges, is also a tool for youth groups like button badges, a symbol of fashion.yiwu is a commodity city,those little commdity badges have much varity in yiwu market.if you have interesting like this,you could contact us.

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