The common kites in yiwu

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There are many different types of kites in yiwu. The simplest kind of kites is the two-stick single plane bow kite. It can be purchased ready-made or it can be assembled from do-it-yourself kits or made completely by hand. For simple kites the sticks can be of any strong lightwood with a straight grain. The covering material can be ordinary brown wrapping paper, or a lightweight clothe, such as silk or nylon. Plastic sheering of various kinds is also used. In addition, cloth is used for the tail and a string for the flight line.
The box kite consists basically of two rectangular boxes, open on two parallel sides each and connected by a common framework. Lawrence Hargrave invented it in the 1890’s. Box kites are more difficult to build than stick kites, but they are excellent flyers and will maintain their position for long periods. Box kites also adjust well to changes in the wind, and they do not require a tail.
yiwu kites

yiwu kites

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