Yiwu MP3 Media Player

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MP3 player is advanced technology music player providing more conveniences and control than any other previous music players. MP3 player is handy pocket size music player carries thousands of songs anywhere. MP3 music revolutionized music distribution in late 1990s. MP3 is one method for compressing audio files.
If a song occupies 40 MB space on CD, may occupy only 4 MB storage space in MP3 format will carry more music files in MP3 format compare to other format in same storage media. MP3 players supports different types of file format apart from MP3 are WMA, WAV, MIDI, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ADPCM, ASF, VQF, ATRAC etc. MP3 player stores the music files and plays the stored files in different format. you can store the files, play the files, copy the music files from radio, CDs or websites and organize the play list in MP3 player. This is a handy music system which you can carry anywhere and play the music from your customized playlist. MP3 media players are available with Flash memory players, hard drive and mini hard drive players,MP3 CD players and Minidisc MP3 players. Flash memory players are low memory up to 8 GB mp3 player for fewer songs useful during morning walk, jogging, exercising etc. hard drive players store more songs up to 80GB including photographs, data, video and also allowing podcast recording. MP3 CD players are cheapest source to store and play the music than flash memory players and hard drive players.
Yiwu not only give a wholesale of small daily use commodity, but also electric product like MP3. Please feel free to contract us!
Yiwu MP3 Media Player

Yiwu MP3 Media Player

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