Yiwu Basalt Stone Massages

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These days’ Yiwu stone massages have become very popular and are in active demand. Most of these massages are carried out in?day spas?and therapeutic healing centers. It revives and relieves the body muscles and tissues in a very comforting way.
The most?often used stones are known as Basalt stones which are a resultant of volcanic eruptions and contain a proportion of oxygen and silica being their combined element. The stone also contains iron and magnesium which is a very popular element used by pharmacies for healing medications. When basalt is in its lava form it is usually very soft and delicate to contain. When volcanoes erupt, they release substances which contain 90% of basalt only.
These volcano rocks which are also called basalt stones are use in?massage therapies?due to their capability of containing heat at an extremely high level. This lava rock is very smooth and its surface is free from roughness which makes it a more ideal tool in?massage therapies.
Cleaning these stones is very easy and should be a daily practice after every massage session. Why is this very important, though they are just stones? Because a great deal of aromatherapy oils are used during every massage therapy.
If you plan on boiling the stones, you should use river, sea or rain water, which allows the stones to absorb all the natural ingredients to regenerate their optimum strength. These stones are usually supposed to be heated at around 120 – 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
Hot stone massages are a great help in healing certain internal injuries, muscle injuries, insomnia, back aches and depression attacks. These basalt stones should be used in different sizes, shapes and colors to experience their highest healing properties and pleasurable feel during any massage!

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