Yiwu wholesale market China

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Yiwu wholesale market China

Yiwu wholesale market China is located in Yiwu city, Zhejiang province, China. The wholesale market has many special products markets. All kinds of products are showing there and you will soon feel like 

Yiwu wholesale market China is spread into many markets, such international trade city, Yiwu Furniture Market, Yiwu Material & Construction Market and so on. The special markets provide many ranges of products, and almost four fifths products are exported overseas. 

Yiwu wholesale market China owns the biggest wholesale market in the world. Yiwu international trade city is already far ahead. There are more than 320 thousand shops with 380 thousand manufacturers there. There have almost two hundred thousand kinds of products there. 

Yiwu wholesale market China attracts much attention from China government, they do careful inspection for these products, and they make sure the export products of high quality, and the products have no harm to someone. 

Yiwu wholesale market China is very big, and everyday it is crowded with many purchasers from the world. Whether they buy jewelry products, toys products, electronics products or some others products, they would always find their own market paradise. 

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Yiwu wholesale market

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