Yiwu Material & Construction Market

Yiwu Material & Construction Market

* Products: Lights, Stainless Steel, Iron, Tile, etc.

* Location: A. Means of production Market, No. 251 Chengxi Road

B. Material Market, No. 199, Chengxi Road

C. Timber Market, No.266, Chengxi Road

* Opening hours: 09:00-17:00, 7×365, except a 15-day-close down during Spring Festival.

Yiwu Material & Construction Market

Yiwu Material & Construction Market

The Yiwu Material & Construction Market is constitute of three markets: Means of production Market, Material Market, Timber Market. The Means of production Market mainly sells the decoration material, plastic, mental material, constructive material; Material Market mainly sells the aluminum products, costume material, ceramic constructive material, stone material, decorate material; Timber material mainly sells the man-made board, wooden line, decoration, hardware, release bar, paint, log, moso bamboo, doors and windows process.

Today, Yiwu appears a prosperous scene with a flourishing construction market, developing economy and steady society. The constructive industry has been leading industry in the nation market. Furthermore, the Yiwu construction market has been an international commodity distribution center and the important base for foreign merchants to purchase. The construction industrial economy is rapidly aggregating and strengthening. It also formed industrial developing structure of construction market, large industry, small enterprise, and large colonization.

In the new century, Yiwu constructive market develops with the times, exploits and innovates, puts forward the aim of walking in giant steps, and strives to become in the top 10 of world construction market in the next 20 years. Insist on an international strategic guiding direction, fully improve economical whole quality, and gradually construct Yiwu into an international construction material circulation center, manufacturing center, shopping center.

Greatly advance technical innovation, actively construct technical innovation service system, bring the construction of Yiwu material market into effect, Greatly develop modern service industry with shopping and tourism as an emphasis, strive to create global biggest supermarket and construct an International Shopping paradise. Yiwu material and construction market is the best choice for you.

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