Yiwu spring festival goods trade fair opening tomorrow

by | Jan 8, 2012 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

It is near the end of this year, everyone began busy preparing new year goods ,purchasing gifts, if you are worry where to go buy special purchases and gifts, might as well go to 2012 yiwu spring festival goods trade fair to have a look.
Sponsored by Hong Kong (international) exhibition trade group, the 2012  spring festival goods trade fair will be hold on January 7 to 18 in yiwu MeiHu exhibition center. The  spring festival goods fair consist of two hall by NO.2 hall and NO. 3 hall , it is complete all beer and skittles.
Among them, the no. 2 hall is the museumfor famous enterprise , not only collectting more than hundreds national famous brand of the maotai wine, WuLiangYe wine, Dan creek wine, barley wine, XuFuJi, shanxi mature vinegar, JinHua , China all ham, BaMatea, honey flowers , has also attracted more than 40 local leading enterprises exhibitors.and the xinjiang specialties, Tibet and Taiwan specialty food, Taiwanese food characteristic; 3 hall is the comprehensive exhibition hall, it is centralized show the features of products from all over the country, green food and the autumn and winter fashion clothes, etc.
In addition, the exhibition organizers also prepared wonderful gift for the general public, such as free eggs, limit activties on LuHua nuts blend oil discount price.to welcome the   Chinese New Year with consumers.

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