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By virtue of yiwu convenient transportation facilities, it has become a large distribution center, leading the fashionable trend of the Chinese commodity economy. economy are drive by shopping, everyone need shopping, in daily life, shopping article of daily use, shopping gift, doing big shopping like business, shopping give a big contribution to a city’s economy, yiwu must be the one famous by shopping. Yiwu city is like when an area of about 700,000 square meters (some 173 acres) is covered by some 35,000 stalls! So shopping is become the biggest thing in yiwu.

Chinese small Commodity city constitute by three market which international market of Yiwu in china, guest Wang market and Binwang market, the market has 34 trades, 1502 big classes, 320,000 kinds of goods, nearly include handicrafts, ornaments, hardware, articles of daily use, all such manufactured goods as rain gear, electronic apparatus, toy, cosmetics, recreation and sports, socks industry, non-staple food, clock, thread bringing, cotton of the needle, fabrics, tie, clothing, etc. Among them, the ornaments, socks, toy, volume of production and marketing account for more than 1/3 of national market. Good and inexpensive, the characteristic fill with everything is distinct, have extremely strong competitiveness in the world, These products are exported to more than 212 countries and regions, including the Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA. Here, you will find customers from all over the world speaking in many different languages. It is important to know that many of these stalls only trade wholesale but there are retail outlets in the two shopping and tourist centers on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the second phase of International Trade City that are open to customers, other products are sold here in bulk.

Unlike Hong Kong, that world famous shoppers’ paradise, with its skyscrapers and equally famous brands at exorbitant prices, Yiwu has a great many markets selling small commodities at very cheap prices. In general, there are 10 specialized markets and more than 30 trading streets in Yiwu, beside China small commodity city, shopping in yiwu, Yiwu night market, Intime Shopping Mall, Yiwu Jiebai Shopping Center, Binjiang International Shopping Center, Tesco, wal-mart.

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