Yiwu Red Mansion Dream

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Pakistan Merchants’ Yiwu “Red Mansion” Dream

Two six-floor buildings which are so old that may easily let people to connect the early 1990s Yiwu street style in mind. Facing to guests, the clerk do not show excessive politeness, and even the head doesn’t bother to lift, they are just flipping through the accounts; Some ceiling paint has fallen off, and most internal facilities are disrepaired.

That is just today’s Yiwu Red Mansion Hotel. However, many yiwu business operators and almost all the taxi drivers know this hotel. It is said that Yiwu Red Mansion Hotel was one of the best hotles in Yiwu last during last century. And it wittnessed the development of Yiwu trade. Up until now, many foreign businessmen especially Pakistan merchants still like to start from here to walk into Yiwu market to open their Chinese wealth dream.

The first overseas enterprise that set institution in Yiwu was born in Red Mansion Hotel. One day in 1994, a Pakistan businessman named Hadelli went to thus hotel and in a sense, it is this Pakistani changed the further management route of the hotel. Before long, he set up an agent named Hason in this hotel. And according to Yiwu editorial department, it was the first overseas institution in Yiwu.

Inadvertently, Hadelli made a history. And things as he expected, in the next 10 years, the global demand of yiwu commodity increased quickly. By the east wind, and his business grew quickly. Than during the next period, more and more foreign cients came to set their business agents in this hotel. Now there are more than 30 foreign institutions there. Most of these representive offices are from Pakistan and some are from Afghan.

Now they are trying to improve the business environment of this hotel. They hope to open a green channel to attract more foreign businessmen.

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