Yiwu foreign trade

The Number of Yiwu Foreigners

The Number of Yiwu Foreign Residential People Ranking First in Zhejiang Province Yiwu is the world’s largest commodity circulation center and exhibition center. The administrative level is still a county level city, but you will find foreigners almost everywhere when you are walking in the streets. And according to the statistics figures of Foreign Economic […]

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Yiwu Red Mansion Dream

Pakistan Merchants’ Yiwu “Red Mansion” Dream Two six-floor buildings which are so old that may easily let people to connect the early 1990s Yiwu street style in mind. Facing to guests, the clerk do not show excessive politeness, and even the head doesn’t bother to lift, they are just flipping through the accounts; Some ceiling […]

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Yiwu Enterprises Are Facing a Big Challenge

Yiwu Enterprises Are Facing a Big Challenge -the Upsurge of Exchange Rate of RMB Against US Dollar “According to current situation, we are afraid to accept orders of which the delivery date is in April next year. It’s very difficult to offer price.” In front of large orders palced by the Carrefour, France, Chunsheng Huang, […]

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South American Market: new engine of Yiwu Foreign trade

South American Market: new engine of Yiwu Foreign trade South American Market Is Expected to Become The “New Engine” of Yiwu Foreign Trade Prosperity Recently, 16 Yiwu enterprises returned from the exhibition of 2010 Sao Paulo, Brazil International Houseware & Gift Fair (Browse Yiwu Trade Shows and 2010 Yiwu Fair) . This is the first […]

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