huangyuan market

Wholesale purchasing in yiwu

Wholesale purchasing in yiwu Under the above there is heaven there are suzhou and hangzhou.Hangzhou be well known as West Lake.There are many tourists to travel to hangzhou West Lake every year.Hangzhou have the beautiful scenery.But the near city yiwu have the big market.As we all known,yiwu as a commodities’s city is very famous at […]

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Yiwu photos

Yiwu photos Did you searching Yiwu photos? It will not depart from the market in Yiwu. The Yiwu photos firstly listed is Yiwu market. Yiwu market: International trade city, Huangyuan market and many professional streets consist of a comprehensive market in Yiwu. International trade city: It is the distribution and selling center for small commodities […]

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Yiwu Join the World’s First Trading Platform for Freight Shipping

In August 19, China yiwu Commodities City Group (CCC Group) and Shanghai Shipping Freight Trading Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement in formal in Yiwu Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel¬†, marking the world’s largest commodity market and the world’s first third-party centralized trading platform for freight shipping hand in hand. SSEFC is the world’s first […]

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Yiwu New Huangyuan Market

Yiwu New Huangyuan Market Yiwu New Huangyuan market is synonymous with yiwu commodity city, although the renovation project completion have one year and a half, in the market surrounding, hundreds of shops which look like simple and crude are facing change. Many businessman from other place select in low rent free period enter into New […]

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