Yiwu mittens

Yiwu mittens

Maybe sometimes you feel that your hand is too small to hold the baseball, or it is very difficult to catch the ball in such a long distance. If so, Yiwu mittens should invite your eyes. The special making and the different designs really are your good partners when you are playing sports. 

Yiwu mittens are special designed for those who like sports. They can easily choose the one which is easily to hold in hand very comfortable and handy. The mittens also have different sizes for the young. 

The big sizes of the mittens usually specialized for the left hand. The making usually made altogether one by one. Some leather pieces use to sew together; some others are using the leather strap to weave one by one. It is very easy to hold the ball.

Nowadays, Yiwu mittens can divide into many parts, such as catch mittens, batting mittens, first baseman mittens, outfielder mittens, and many kinds’ mittens.

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Yiwu mittens

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