Yiwu gloves & mittens market

Yiwu mittens

Yiwu mittens Maybe sometimes you feel that your hand is too small to hold the baseball, or it is very difficult to catch the ball in such a long distance. If so, Yiwu mittens should invite your eyes. The special making and the different designs really are your good partners when you are playing sports.  […]

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Yiwu gloves company

Yiwu gloves company If you have heard of Yiwu glove, you may wonder about Yiwu gloves companies. Yiwu glove companies are so famous in Yiwu market that their products owned the name “Yiwu glove”. There are more than 1000 glove companies and 46000 workers, more than 20000 machines, about 40% are imported. Above 60% of […]

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