Yiwu Auto City

Yiwu Auto City was developed by the Automotive Auto City Investment and Development Co., Ltd. is an important part of the Yiwu market system, located at north of Yiwu City, east to Zongze Road, west to Ring Road, south to Airport Road, North on Jingju Road, surrounded by Yiwu International Logistics Centers, Civil Aviation Airports, Hangjinqu highway, Beiyuan Development Zone, Houzhai industrial areas. Yiwu Auto City has convenient transportation and advantageous geographical position.

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Yiwu Auto City will occupy area of 500 acres. There are trading area, exclusive area, used vehicles and accessories trading area, living area, training centers, car park, set automobile dealers, repair, parts supply, driver’s license training, leasing in one, offering the card, insurance, credit , testing and related services such as accommodation, entertainment. Phase 1 of Yiwu Auto City occupies 200 acres, with an investment of 120 million Yuan. Contains A, B, C Exhibition Hall, the Center Hall, 4S shops and service area of office and living.

Yiwu auto City

Yiwu Market

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