Local Markets and Districts

Local Markets and Districts

 Yiwu is a market city, so there are many local market & Districts long time ago, the following are several famous local market & Districts.

Huangyangmei Lights Application Specialized District
Zhezhong Timber Market
Yiwu Decoration City
Yiwu Digital Marketplace
Yiwu Material & Construction Market
Yiwu Binwang market (Closed on 18th, April. 2011) Please check Yiwu New Huangyuan  Market,and Yiwu China international trade city)
Yiwu Furniture Market
Yiwu Food Market
Yiwu Auto City
Yiwu Home Appliance Market
Yiwu Night Market

Welcome you search Yiwu local marekt&districts,and cooperate with us.

Except Yiwu local market & Districts, Nowadays the biggest market in Yiwu are Yiwu China international trade city which divided into five district.

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Yiwu Market

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