Yiwu Cosmetics Market

Yiwu Cosmetics Market
Yiwu Cosmetics Market locate on 3rd Floor, District 3, International Trade City. Opening hours: 09:00-17:00, except a 7-day-close down during Spring Festival.
Let’s go around the national China’s national cosmetics manufacturing bases, has around 300 factories producing cosmetics and cosmetic accessories for over 500 big and small brands. Perfumes produced in these factories are being sold in shops in Paris with various brands.
Buyers can also meet some of these suppliers in trade shows like Cosmotic of and BEAUTYWORLD.
In the cosmetics market, all kinds of cosmetics and cosmetics accessories displays in the showrooms. Over 1000 wholesale shops make the cosmetics the biggest distributors for cosmetics and cosmetic accessories in China.
Over 80% of China cosmetics and cosmetics accessories manufacturers have their agents or distributors in this market, including global brands like CD and SKII.
In the cosmetics, perfumes, lipsticks, nail oils, body lotions samples are displayed in the shops. This market would be your best destination in China.
And also, if you want to find the facial brushes, powder puffs, and eyelash curlers, definitely, you should come to Yiwu Cosmetics Market.

Yiwu cosmetics Market

Yiwu Cosmetics Market

Over 60% of shops here are selling perfumes and cosmetics, around 20% are selling skin care and hair care products, the rest of them are for cosmetics package and cosmetic accessories.
The fourth floor is the showroom of some big and medium sized manufacturers. For most of time, this floor is pretty empty, as most of them already have their products selling downstairs (because there are more people). Many showrooms here are actually used as warehouses.
Small mixed orders are very easy here. Some buyers from the small company and some just want to have a try order, so they don’t want to place a large order. The mixed designs and mix colors is allowed here in shops. But the minimum order quantity is very different from shop to shop here.
And the suppliers can produce according to the customers’ taste. Some can print the logo on the articles of sports and outdoors for the customersif you can design your own logo.
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Yiwu Market

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