Yiwu Market Figures And Facts


Yiwu Market Figures And Facts

Yiwu Market figures and facts will help you know more information about Yiwu market, such as:  What is main markets in Yiwu market? When Yiwu market opens? What is the population of yiwu market every day? What is the products features in Yiwu market? What is the product range?

Main Markets: International Trade City.

The china international trade city is the most visited one. Some buyers go to yiwu BinWang market for textiles and fabrics.
Huangyuan market, also known as the socks market, was tore down and being on rebuilt now. If you find some webs still have that information, leave that web. The boys are not doing their homework.

Opening Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm, 7X365, except Spring Festival.

As most of the shop are not that on time, you won’t find many shops open even after 9:00. To avoid the traffic jams, the best visiting time would be 09:30-16:30. Many shops also close pretty early in the afternoon.

Population: 300,000+ Visitors/Day.

No including people inside shops like shop assistants,of course. There are definitely traffic jams around 9:00am and 05:00pm around the old market districts.

Products Features: Cheap, OK Quality, Daily Using, Bulk Sale.

As around 70% shops are factory outlets, so for the same quality, you can always expect a cheaper price in Yiwu.
Most of the products are daily petty items like straws, hair clips, and plush toys. All produced in very large quantity and wholesaled in bulks.
You may hear questions like: how many containers of ribbons do you want? How much a kg of this kind of rings?
But don’t be scared away, almost all of them start accepting small orders because of this world economic turndown.(Each coin has two sides, ah?)

Products Range: Extremely Broad

Yiwu market covers up to 17 main industries, 9,000+ sub-industries, 420,000+ different products.
The strongest industries are: gifts & crafts, jewelry & jewelry accessories, toys, hardware & tools, Watches & Glasses, Office supplies, Electrical supplies, socks, needles, zippers, ribbons, shoes…

Segmentations: Extremely Good.

80,000+ shops do extremely well in marketing segmentation.
Even for items like hair band, the segmentation is beyond your imagination if you do not visit the market by yourself. And you can also expect to see dozens of shops just specialized in zipper heads.

Services: OK

Because of no weekends, no holidays, everyday 08:00-17:00, most shops only do wholesale. So you may find many of them are not that warm. The only time they start show great interests is when you begin to place orders.
But now as the hard time goes on and on, they do show more and more smiles and patience. Some even start greeting you at the entrance door and offer free bottle waters.
If you need top notch yiwu agent services, please feel free to contact us.
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