Huangyangmei Lights Application Specialized District

Huangyangmei Lights Application Specialized District

* Location: Beiyuan Street, Huangyangmei Village, Yiwu

* Opening hours: 09:00-17:00, 7×365, except a 15-day-close down during Spring Festival.

In 2009, 16th, August, the biggest scale lamps and lanterns professional street market in Eastern China went into operation, the business area of the market is 65,000 square meters, the professional street first stage market open 800 shops, the second stage market planning have 1000 shops. And now the first stage market has bring in the domestic and oversea famous brand manufacturers and sole distributor more than 200 shops, the area is about 29,000 square meters, the first stage market all been rent.

It is reported that the market is developed by Yiwu Dingjian market development limited company and Yiwu Beiyuan street Huangyangmei economic share cooperation. The serve object is mainly the foreign trade and the wholesale retail customer of around city. Here the light market circum mating with the Yiwu bank, supermarket,Yiwu hotel, large-scale parking lot and other facilities.

The professional street is gathering the lamps and lanterns, accessories, electrician switch, insulation material and the decoration material, the market is with very convenient traffic.

The Huangyangmei light market can be divided into five sections: boutique section, light source section, outdoor light section, low tension electric section, hardware electromechanical section, and now the famous brand here more than 200, such as the Jingshuo decorative light, Jiamei decorative light, Daming decorative light, Hengbao decorative light, Hilina decorative light, classical decorative light, South eastern crystal, light dispatch LED, Siemens electric, Delixi home furnishing etc.

The local development is try best to create the top ranking light decorative market international export base, domestic wholesale and retail collecting and distributing center.

The Huangyangmei Light market can provide you variety of the light, to supply the light with both the good quality and unbeatable price, if you want to find a well light market, here Huangyangmei can be one of the best market for you!

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