Yiwu Scarves & Shawls Market

Yiwu Scarves & Shawls Market
Yiwu Scarves & Shawls Market is Located in Yiwu International Trade City, at fourth floor four districts.
* Location: 4th Floor, District 4, International Trade City.
* Opening hours: 09:00-17:00, 7×365, except a 15-day-close down during Spring Festival.

Yiwu Scarves & Shawls Market

Yiwu Scarves & Shawls Market

Yiwu Scarves & Shawls Market is Located in Yiwu International Trade City, at fourth floor four districts, according to the government data, by the end of 2009, there are more than 3,000 scarves management households come to Yiwu. In August, as the whether become cool, Yiwu Scarves & Shawls Market began bustling up , most new styles and models are begin hang out, traffic within the corridor are constantly increasing.
In recent years, Yiwu China Commodity City Scarf Relying on the strong market radiation functions undergoing a fast development. Five years ago,
Yiwu Scarves & Shawls Market is just a subordinate to the apparel industry, now it has more than 3,000 business users of a major feature of industries. In addition, in recent years with the influx of Middle Eastern businessmen, Yiwu has become a large purchase industrial base of their traditional Muslim scarves. Yiwu market, as the increasing demand of scarf, there are thousands of foreign businesssmen come to purchasing scarfs.Scarfs in Yiwu International market have many advantages such as Varieties, new style, quality, etc. At present, Yiwu market has become highly internationalized scarves large global market. Now, in accordance with the needs of different countries we divided into three large scarves:

First: Muslims in the Middle East market.

According to incomplete statistics, now living in the Middle East in Yiwu merchants long to reach as many as 20,000 each year in the Yiwu market, active traders in the Middle East increased. Arabs and Muslims as the traditional, there is great demand for the scarves, and its materials are mainly scarves and turbans.
Their demand for the scarf is not for the purpose of keeping warm, so scarves little effect on sales by season, Therefore, the Middle East market demand is very stable scarves.

Second: European market – a popular benchmark.

Most western and north America countries are in high-latitude areas, winter in there is very long, and cold. That makes the demand on the muffler is quite considerable. However, the United States and Europe customers are also very strict on the quality control and style, Which are more Stringent than the Middle East customers. Most European and American customers will not be too much care about the price, most styles they require are the most popular models of this year. What’s more, product packaging requirements are also strict control, especially for the large cargo. Many large companies will ask their quality certificate to check the quality one by one.
Although the process is complex, the European and American guests will offer higher prices, so profits are considerable. Many factories in China also accept their orders.

Third: the Southeast Asian market.

Southeast Asia scarf mainly light, thin, fashion-based, most Southeast Asian countries, are with moderate climate, winter season there are short, so scarves mostly play the role of ornament in stead of keep warm, so, there is Less demand than other regions.
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