Yiwu Food Market

Yiwu Foodstuff Market was opened in October, 2008 which occupies 68749.5 square meters and a building area of 340,000 square meters.Within the framework of multi-layered structure, the entire construction three-story, the local five-story, with a layer of underground, a total construction area of 147999.75 square meters, the ground first and second floors is the market, with the total of standard booths 2147.

The third floor on the ground is used as the factory direct sales area, Boutique Exhibition Center and the area of operating large reception, negotiation, office and others. The four or five-story business office are used for the main arrangements for industry and commerce, taxation, finance, market management, property management and other market ancillary services.

The new Yiwu Foodstuff Market is a modern commercial wholesale market, main deals with non-staple food categories, non-stereotyped classes packaged dried fruit roasted seeds and nuts, non-stereotyped packing sugar, wine, canned fruit drinks categories, high-grade tonic such as ginseng and velvet, spices, edible oil, tea, as well as commodity and other miscellaneous agricultural products, are operated by more than 2,000 households, the estimated annual turnover is 5.0 billion, sell to the all country and export to many countries and regions. The Yiwu Foodstuff Market’s completion and opening is another milestone in the history of Yiwu market development. And it will make greater contribution to the city’s economic and social.

Bird’s eye view of Foodstuff Market

Yiwu Market

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