Yiwu Imported Commodities Mall

With the faster and faster development of Yiwu market, more and more products made in China export all over the word, meanwhile, the demand of imported commodities is becoming larger day by day。Yiwu imported commodities mall just take fresh air for this city.
Yiwu imported commodities mall located in 5th district, International Trade City. Through the important platform of Yiwu market, Yiwu has turned from purchasing globally to selling globally, which means various foreign imported commodities, such as ceramics from Japan, arts & crafts from Vietnam, Hi Seoul products from Korea, ice wine from Canada, seashells from southeastern Asia, and so on. The expanding of Yiwu Yiwu imported commodities mall in Yiwu International Trade City is always a light spot of Yiwu market, which is also an important part of exploit year activity of Yiwu market. Till the end of last August, Yiwu imported commodities mall had attracted over 400 entities of wholesalers and agent dealers, exceeding about 20 million Yuan in trade value, which realized the attempts of turning from purchasing globally to selling globally.
The most famous commodity item may be the imported snack food, all kinds of snack food booms in sales in Yiwu Imported Commodities Mall of the International Trade Mart. Many tourists, citizens and purchasers come to purchase here and sales volume increase day by day. If you are interested in these imported products, you can pay a visit to Yiwu imported commodities mall.

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