Yiwu high imitation Diana sapphire engagement ring

Recently, Yiwu-made high imitation of Diana sapphire engagement ring has appeared in the online counter. Last November 25, news posted on the Internet that Prince William and his fiancee Kate engagement. Prince William gave his fiance an engagement ring, which is his mother Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s “love token. ”

Diana sapphire ring

Diana sapphire ring

Yiwu has a lot of accessories business, basically only need to see pictures of high accuracy will be able to produce copies of a high degree of simulation: upload a picture, waiting for inquiry, select products raw materials, production molds, and offer. In general, as long as four or five days, foreign investors will be able to see samples of realistic imitation.

Design of its products has three or four grades, “the material, some use relatively cheap acrylic, the wholesale price is only about 3 dollars /pc (RMB 20 yuan), a better texture if zirconia stone Instead of sapphire, high-quality rhinestones instead of diamonds, then a diamond ring sold for 40 dollars (270 yuan or so). ”

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