Yiwu International Trade City District 2

Handbag wholesalers in Yiwu

Handbag wholesalers in Yiwu If you are still struggling to find the handbags from one place to another, please come and see handbags in Yiwu. There are many handbag wholesalers in yiwu market; most of them have their own factories. They can design every kind of items you want to. And they can also do […]

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Yiwu handbags

Yiwu handbags If you have interesting in handbags, we advise you to consider Yiwu handbags. They are all with new designs and reasonable price. We all know that, women want to buy handbags all the time. They even have different bags matched their different dresses. That seems amazing, but can’t be changed. If you ware […]

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Yiwu helmet market

Yiwu helmet market With the living standard add of rural people, more and more people purchasing a motorcycle, so different style helmet is welcomed between people, Yiwu helmet is located on 2nd floor, Yiwu international trade city district 2. Yiwu auto city have all kinds of helmet, like:, safety helmet, vietnam helmet, full face helmet, […]

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Yiwu Hardware Foreign Trade Prepare For Peak Season

Foreign Businessmen ” Grab Goods” Before Spring Festival, Yiwu Hardware Foreign Trade Prepare For Peak Season Chinese New Year approaching, the sales of various small commodities in Yiwu market come to a close. Many business dealers in Yiwu market who have a rare free time play the “late coming and early leaving” game to avoid […]

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2010 Trendy Luggage Press Was Held in Yiwu Market

2010 Trendy Luggage Press Was Held in Yiwu Market On September 21, China Commodity City Network was informed that 2010 Trendy Luggage Press was held in Trade City II in Yiwu market. This press was organized by the second branch of Yiwu International Trade City. At site were chief editor Yi Lei from Guangzhou “the […]

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