Yiwu Electromobile Coin-Charging Stations Have Come Into Use

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Yiwu Electromobile Coin-Charging Stations Have Come Into Use (Learn more on Yiwu Transportation)

Electromobiles have the features of energy saving and time saving as well as effort saving.To part of citizens and migrants living in Yiwu, electromobiles are still the best means of transport before they can afford to buy a car. However, since traffic in Yiwu is increasingly busy,it’s really a headache if your electromobile is out of power half way.

Fortunately, coin-charging stations for electromobiles installed in front of 85 convenience chain stores have come into use yesterday, which will help alleviate this problem.

1 Yuan Coin Can Charge 10 Minutes and Run about 10 km

In a convenience chain store of Yiwu Changchun Community, a 60 cm high and 45 cm wide orange metal box is hanging on the wall in front of the shop with one plug connected to the power board and another end a wire three or four meters long with three different charging plug types.This small iron box is just the “electromobile coin-charging station ” equipment. And the store manager Peiling Wu demonstrated to reporters the charging process.

Coin-Charging Stations Are Located in 85 Communities in Yiwu

It is told that although a coin can only charge for 10 minutes, the power can ensure ordinary electromobile to run for about 10 km. If you think this is not enough, you can insert three coins at a time to charge for 30 minutes. For travel within the city, 30 km is enough to make sure you can arrive home.

“As the battery ages, from time to time users may suffer embarrassing things that the electromobile is out of power half way and they have no way but to pedal home or even walk home. As long as there is a ‘full’ shop in the urban areas, you should no longer worry about it any more. Shenming Zheng, resident of Wuai Community, Jiangdong Street tried the charging equipment and said it’s very easy to operate, just“as simple as a mobile phone coin-charger”.

Yiwu Full Convenience Co., Ltd. manager Xiaonian Qiu told reporters, “Till yesterday, all 85 chain stores in Yiwu are installed with the coin-charging station equipment. The stores are located in major urban areas, streets and communities, so eletromobile riders travelling in the urban area can use this equipment with convenience.

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