Yiwu customs enhanced export service quality

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Yiwu customs enhanced export service quality

How to enhance the quality of export service after Yiwu international trade comprehensive reform pilot started. Yiwu customs is an important “nodes”. Yiwu customs Office is located in yiwu international trade block F, its total area is eight acres.

The chief of Yiwu customs Zhangjun said, “We optimize our export goods customs clearance process constantly and take measures to improve customs clearance efficiency.” The yiwu customs will shorten the flow time of the documents, promote the circulation of public affairs actively. At present, the customs inspection were already use call number system, enhance the efficiency of the inspection. They aim at the actual of yiwu’s large exports volume, in due time to extend the order and inspection time, and arrange customs officer work overtime, to remit the pressure of logistics.

Yiwu customs still increase logistics guide dynamics, reconstruct the pass in or out bayonet, increase 12 temporary check platforms and carry box staff. And excavate resources, combine the customs and police, establish “yiwu customs check small group”, realize customs and police share information have no obstacles.

Yiwu customs already improve the measures constantly when the activity of International trade comprehensive reform pilot. First is promoting small commodity export supervised comprehensive reform, set up market networking goods declaration mode, quickly receive order channel and green check channel. Explore “receive, make, put” integrated operation mode, establishing a new customs supervision work mode. Second is to promote the upgrading of software and hardware facilities, promote yiwu inland port logistics stations butt joint with Zhoushan Jintang port, Jiaxing port logistics very well. Realize inland and port logistics developed linkage, support local government construct “rapid factory”; develop ” processing trade “and” flexible manufacturing “; encourage enterprises to use the bonded warehouse which operate flexible and cost low; Support production material market construction, and explore non invasion inspection mode under the controllable risk premise. Third is to strengthen the cooperation with local government, commodity inspection, industry and commerce and police departments, pay more attention to contact and cooperation with freight forwarding, foreigh trade companies, customs declaration, storage enterprise and so on, strike the copyright infringement and smuggling illegal activities, maintain the good order of export-oriented economy development.

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