yiwu commodity city

Yiwu commodity city of Lianyungang open for business

On December 18, Lianyungang City, Yiwu commodities city flow into the ocean of people, more than 80,000 people came to watch the celebrations commodity city on the day, and visiting to shop. The people from urban areas, xugou, LianYun four counties flocking. The total operating area of Yiwu commodity city of Lianyungang is about 170,000 […]

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E-business applications based training in yiwu

July 15, the day before yesterday, Yiwu China Commodity City opened e-commerce network marketing of a new channel to help business users, yiwu market supplier, for them to effectively put their brand and product promotion to the world through the network. Meanwhile, better to achieve the effective combination of “physical market” and the “invisible market” […]

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