Yiwu bus time table

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Yiwu bus time table

Did you know Yiwu bus time table? Yiwu have three bus station, Nanfanglian bus station, Bigwang bus station, Jiangdong bus station. Here I list some Yiwu bus time table for the foreigners who want to take bus in Yiwu.
Nanfanglian bus station service for the city which belongs to Zhejiang province, for example: Hangzhou, Jinhua, Quzhou, Lishui, Ningbo etc. everyday Nanfanglian bus station will send out 250 times bus to Zhejiang other place, average taking 3800 passengers. Yiwu bus time table about Nianfanglian bus station is so many; each place has several buses in an hour. So here I needn’t listing the detail Yiwu bus time table one by one.
The second and third Yiwu bus time table introduced is Binwang bus station and Jiangdoing bus station, clicking ‘‘The Timetable of Yiwu Bus Station” will help you to find Yiwu bus time table.

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