West Tiger: Forest Fair Will Bring More Orders

by | Sep 29, 2010 | Yiwu News

West Tiger: Forest Fair Will Bring More Orders

In the hall of West Tiger Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. stand 3 majestic West Tiger amphibious vehicles. The most dazzling garish of them is a red amphibious vehicle, which is a heroic chariot responsible for transporting goods of the Chinese Antarctic expedition team in December, 2007. After the expedition, the company exchanged this extraordinary memorable chariot with a new one and put it in the most prominent position.

Genlin Chen, domestic sales manager of the company, receive purchasing calls almost everyday, but the “West Tiger” output can not meet the market demand. Despite the constant stream of orders, when speaking of the Yiwu Fair and Forest Fair held in the rest half of this year, Chen said, “We are sure to attend exhibitions held in our hometown. We have attended so many exhibitions at the early stage for promotion, and now we find exhibitions held in our hometown are quite influencial, as businessmen from all over the world can play a good role in expanding polularity of a company and its products.So we have ordered 8 booths for each fair. ”

As a national exhibition, Forest Fair will attract a lot of potential domestic and international tourism industry clients. “The show will bring us more orders. Many Forest Fair exhibitors have become our customers.” Chen said, “The biggest advantage of “West Tiger” is that it applies to all-terrain environment and free from obstruction whether in water or on land. Last year at the Fair, after seeing the functions of this vehicle, Ningxia tourism sector soon signed purchasing contracts in the first half of this year. Till now Ningxia has seven “West Tiger” driving in the desert.

“West Tiger” company will display totally new models on the exhibition as a surprise for buyers. It is reported that the new West Tiger amphibious vehicles have innovated in design and now they have better quality with better operating performance, together improved are vehicle safety and comfort. Chen revealed that next step West Tigers amphibious vehicle will play a more important role in areas such as forest security and fire protection of forest police systems.

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