Yiwu Yihe Hotel

Hotels near Yiwu market

  Hotels near Yiwu market The Yiwu market is the largest consumer goods market in Asia area. Now most overseas Chinese businessman and more than 3000 foreign traders purchase goods every day from Yiwu market and sell (transport) to Mid-East, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America. And many traders from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, […]

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Yiwu market hotel book

Yiwu market hotel book Yiwu market is very famous and very popular, let alone its hotel in Yiwu market. Yiwu market hotel booking is very convenient and save a lot of time if you order online.  At present, Yiwu market hotel booking is very popular. Since Yiwu market is very big, booking hotel for customer […]

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Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu

Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu If you have already made the plane visiting Yiwu market on your timetable, you should consider where to stay during the trip, and book a hotel before your journey. There is a quite wonderful choice for you, which is Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu. The location of Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu is […]

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