The 2011 Yiwu Internet Commodity Trade Fair

by | May 14, 2011 | Yiwu News

The 2011 Yiwu Internet Commodity Trade Fair

The 2011 China yiwu e-commerce and internet commodity trade fair (hereinafter referred to as “2011 net fair”), will be hold on June 10th to 12th in MeiHu  exhibition centre in yiwu. E-commerce is a new industry, in recent years, E-commerce in yiwu developed in a high speed and in inflation, but the ensuing talents loss let many traditional enterprises have a try on e-commerce then revived. The net fair will provide solving samples for electronic commerce talents missing puzzle in nationwide. This is the first time for yiwu to hold the net fair.

The 2011 nets fair organizing committee is currently on e-commerce talent shortages to establish the green channel of talent. “Mainly will opening talents express columns in exhibition website, provided the publish recruitment information and free information search services for exhibitors.” Manger Zhao introduced, “during the exhibition, will also hold electronic commerce talented person interactive exchange activities.”

It is reported, the 2011 net fair mainly hold by the China electronic commerce association and China Chuangda, the provincial electronic commerce association and national nearly more than 20 provinces, cities and industry association jointly, draw up 800 international standard booths, exhibition area reach 18,000 square meters. “This is the first time for yiwu to held such large-scale e-commerce and network commodity trade fair, the enterprises exhibitors have high enthusiasm.” The organizing committee manager JiShun told reporters, so far, there are more than 300 enterprise sign up to participate in the fair.

The hold of “yiwu nets fair” can provide show and communication platform for local e-commerce enterprises and make involves e-commerce enterprise together.According to know, yiwu is the largest network commodity supply base, like nets goods of taobao and paipai about 60% from yiwu. In 2009 yiwu network merchandise trade nearly 300 million yuan, increase about 30% compared with last year, it nearly take up 13% of yiwu tangible market, there are about ten business shop turnover more than thousands yuan, and thousands of over million. At present already there are more than 100,000 internet business shops. yiwu is applying “e-commerce experiment demonstration area”.


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