Yiwu Furniture Market

Yiwu market closing time 2012

Yiwu market closing time 2012 Yiwu has a lot of markets which seated in different areas along the different roads and streets. As 2012 is another new year, many businessmen from the world would doubt when is Yiwu market closed time in 2012? Ok, let me help you, Yiwu market closing time 2012 most of […]

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Yiwu market address

Yiwu market address If you search Yiwu market address online, it is very important to make sure which market you are exactly looking for. As it is known to us all, Yiwu city has many different markets, there are located in different areas and it all sell different ranges of products, if you want to […]

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Yiwu nightstands

Yiwu nightstands Yiwu nightstands are located in Yiwu furniture market, and there have many types of nightstands, such as the traditional style, new style designs.  The traditional style for Yiwu nightstands is usually made of wood such as oak, cherry. And the color gives us a warm feeling; the design for it also keeps a […]

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Yiwu wardrobes

Yiwu wardrobes When you tidy your room, you may find that you have so many clothes that you have no place to put them. The variety types of yiwu wardrobes can help you at this situation. The variety designs and sizes like the one-door wardrobes, double-doors wardrobes, which can hold may clothes. Some high quality […]

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Yiwu furniture

Yiwu furniture Yiwu furniture is very super and magnificent as there are many towns near Yiwu city which they plant large quantity of trees. The towns’ trees are very good, and most of them are used to make furniture to meet customers’ needs. Yiwu furniture market is located in Xicheng Road, which is very big. […]

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Yiwu China wholesale market

Yiwu China wholesale market Yiwu is the largest commodity city in the planet, famous for commodity city and huge products range in the market. The commodities in Yiwu market are not at retail, but for wholesale, so the city named Yiwu China wholesale market. The whole Yiwu city is like a supper market, the booth […]

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