Yiwu market address

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Yiwu market address

If you search Yiwu market address online, it is very important to make sure which market you are exactly looking for. As it is known to us all, Yiwu city has many different markets, there are located in different areas and it all sell different ranges of products, if you want to know the address, first, you should know the market.

For Yiwu international trade city, it is located in Chou Zhou Road, along the road; you can easily find the whole market. For Huangyuan market, it is also located in Chou Zhou Road, and the market is centered in clothes lines, many clothes are over there. 

Yiwu furniture market is at the junction of Guangqinfan villige and long hui village road, it is No. 1779, Xicheng Road. Yiwu Arts and Crafts market is seated in Zhao zhai district, the conjectured with Chouzhou Road, Zongze Road, Bingwang Road and North Jiang Bin Road. It is very easy to find and very convenient, 

If you still could not find the exactly Yiwu market address you are looking, please feel free to contact us. We are No 1 Yiwu agent and we have professional drivers who know the market ways very clearly. 

Yiwu market address

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